Bandeau Bikini

The bandeau bikini dates back to Roman times and in the many decades since it has evolved into a stylish alternative for women seeking a classic look. It emerged as a popular swimwear style first in the 1920s, and then reappeared again in the 1940s and 1950s. When the 1970s rolled around, it became a popular clothing style most commonly referred to as a tube top. In the 1980s, it blazed back onto the swimwear scene where it has remained a popular choice ever since.

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Who Looks Best in Them

Due to its unique shape, a bandeau bikini is a hands-down favorite for small-busted women. The style nicely accentuates the torso in a flattering way on smaller-busted, petite women. On larger breasts, bandeaus tend to squish and contort breasts into an unnatural look. You are a perfect candidate for a bandeau top if your breasts are a C-cup or smaller.

Types of Bandeau Tops

bandeau top

A straight bandeau bikini top is what most people picture when they imagine bandeaus. Consisting of nothing more than a single piece of fabric wrapped around the chest and tied in the back, this simple yet classic style has remained a staple of the bandeau style.

bandeau swimsuit

Some women love bandeaus but want a more detailed look which is where styles such as the bandeau seen above come into play. This style is essentially two pieces of fabric joined together in the center with an o-ring accent that, in this case, happens to be studded with beautiful crystals for extra flair.

If you like the idea of a strapped top but also want the option to go strapless, a bandeau bikini top with a detachable neck strap is a great alternative to the two other styles mentioned.

Bandeau Top Sizing

It is important to find the right size when shopping for a bandeau bikini top. You want the fit to be relatively snug, so that the top doesn’t move around or shift as you move around. However, you also want to make sure the top isn’t so tight that it digs into your skin. Generally speaking, if you bra cups size is an A, go for an extra-small bandeau top. If you are on the line between an A and B cup, go for a small size, and if you are a full B or a C cup, go for a medium top. Going up incrementally from there you should be able to find the perfect bandeau for you.

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